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Quick Bolt Closures

Quick Bolt Low Pressure Closures

  • Safe and efficient access to low pressure vessels and pipeline
  • Significant savings of time and labour for operators
  • Lower costs and less weight than a blind flange configuration of the same pressure class
  • Standard operating pressure to ANSI 150# to a maximum of 300 PSIG dependant on size in diameters from 6" to and including 48".
  • Click here to download the QuickBolt Dimension Chart (PDF Format)

Features of Design:

he Quick Bolt closures employs a 2:1 semi-elliptical cap hinged to a welding hub. High strength bolts are employed with special bolting for sour and/or low temp service.

The self energizing "O" ring seal and corresponding groove is situated in the hub portion of the closures to ensure there is no mismatch upon closing or seal slippage to cause anything less than ideal contact and sealing performance.

Safety benefits include requiring the bolts to be slackened off an extra turn or two before they will swing out of the holding system, should there be internal pressure the head will lift marginally and be restrained by the cap lugs alerting the operator to the residual pressure.

Technical Notes:

  • Standard design temperature is up to 450 degrees F and the pressure limited to ANSI B16.5 specifications. We can provide custom design for closures at working pressure over 285 psi in a limited size range.
  • Standard "o" ring utilized in Buna - and for temperatures in excess of 250 degrees F to 450 degrees F. Optional seals include Viton, Silicon, Neoprene and Teflon encapsulated.
  • All closure weld bevels are for standard wall thickness pipe but can be modified to accommodate customer weld bevel details.
  • Our standard closure finish is mechanical clean with shop primer. Hydro test is not included and is at an extra costs.

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